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PDB snapshot standby

Franck Pachot
Franck Pachot Member Posts: 912 Bronze Trophy
edited May 14, 2020 3:24PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

In non-CDB, we use a standby database to start quickly an exact copy of the production, to test an application bug fix, test a new release or even a database upgrade. Now in multitenant, what was a database before is now a PDB and we need the same operations at that level. When consolidating multiple PDBs in a CDB we need to be able to convert to snapshot standby a single PDB without impacting the recovery of the other PDBs. I can imagine the technical difficulty because CDB$ROOT is read-only in a standby CDB but this is a must in a consolidated CDB: we cannot convert to snapshot standby a whole CDB just because we need to test something in one PDB.

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