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Organized data to boost the performance

My idea is about to boost the database performance, I am not sure how much its feasible for programmer to apply this idea on Oracle database.

Idea : program/designed the database in a way so the table takes the data for each column and save in ordering manners like alphabetic or numeric, suppose a table have EMP_NAME column and when we entering the data into EMP_NAME so it will place the data in below manner

EMP_NAME ='SCOTT'  -- save at S partition within column -- Note :- We are not creating any partition on table, this would be database inbuilt feature.

EMP_NAME ='MAX' -- save at M partition within column.

suppose user place the query where EMP_NAME='MAX' and the table have more than a billion records so it should not use the billion records to search it has to directly fetch the data from M partition. we can remove indexing to buy this feature because some time index is also create the performance issue.

real time example

suppose an Almira have 10 red shirts,5 white shirts,3 blue shirts,6 lining shirts, 10 black paints,4 grey paints, few shorts total more than 100 clothes and these are organised in random/haphazard way. we needs to pick red shirt which have flower on pocket.

when its organized in haphazard way it will take time because first we needs to find all the red shirt from 100 clothes and then we look for flower on pocket, but from my idea there is no needs to search all 100 clothes to find red shirt because these are placed at one place we just needs to find flower on pocket from 10 shirts

Microsoft can program/designed the Oracle database's tables which saves data in ordered way, so that there is less requirement of indexes or partitions.

Tables have columns and columns further have inbuilt ordered queue/partition which saves the data in ordered way which gives data selection faster when it have huge data too. and by this feature we can reduce no of indexes,partitions

I can explain more about my idea over the call

Thanks & Kind regards

Rajeev Malkani

mobile 9711989364

[email protected]

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