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Introduction to Python for PL/SQL Developers - Full Series

edited Aug 28, 2017 10:41AM in Database Software

Learning Python for PL/SQL Developers

A tutorial series that presents an easier way to learn Python by comparing and contrasting to PL/SQL.

by Arup Nanda, Oracle ACE Director

Learning a new language can be challenging. Working a full-time job and using precious downtime to learn makes this only tougher. But you have to learn to keep pace with technological advances. The Python language is worth learning due to its use in growing areas such as machine learning and data analytics. If you are a PL/SQL developer, you might be very interested in learning it but probably struggle with carving out time to actually do that. What is the best way to jump start learning?

If you are a PL/SQL developer, you already know that language very well and you know how to write a program; you just can't write it in Python, yet. Instead of starting out from the beginning, as with a grammar book, my objective is to teach you Python by showing how it is the same as or different from PL/SQL. That guarantees a faster adoption. Once the roots are established, you are free to move onto more intricate details of the language.

How This Series Is Organized

Each article has a summary of important points and finally short quiz to test your understanding. The quizzes are also available to download as PDF documents that you can take with you. I encourage you to check out the videos in addition to the articles.

Introduction to Python for PL/SQL Developers

Part 1: Introduction

Full Article  ~  Quiz                       

Part 2: Conditions and Loops

                          Full Article  ~  Quiz

Part 3: Collections and Arrays

Full Article  ~  Quiz                       

Part 4: Functions, Modules and File Operations

                          Full Article  ~  Quiz

Part 5: Data Manipulations and Oracle Connectivity

                                           ~  Full Article  ~

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