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OSN Developer's Guide

Marc Houle -Oracle
Marc Houle -Oracle Member Posts: 62
edited Aug 14, 2019 1:50PM in Oracle Social Network

Developers who want or need to build an integration with the Oracle Social Network now have the tools and documentation necessary to do that. This guide is for developers who want to create one or more of the following Oracle Social Network integrations:

  • Social Plugin integrations: integrating a component of Oracle Social Network into your external application; for example, adding a standalone Conversation as an iFrame.
  • Social Object integrations: integrating data from your external application into Oracle Social Network; for example, displaying Oracle Cloud CRM data in a Social Object.
  • Custom integrations: creating a new application that integrates Oracle Social Network data into it seamlessly.

This guide assumes that you understand Oracle Social Network and its features. To get the most benefit from this guide, you should also be familiar with the following:

  • XML, XSD, and XSL syntax
  • JSPs, JavaScript, and/or Java
  • Content management tools and processes
  • General web concepts, and website development tools and practices