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Using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance as an Object Store Repository


  • mickyw
    mickyw Member Posts: 84 Blue Ribbon

    Hello Melvis,

    This is nice feature. I've actually tested it and found very annoying problem in this implementation. As soon as ZFS storage appliance creates hidden .$EXTEND directory in share (this is created automatically and is visible only if you go into Solaris share) - then all requests to URL representing account - fail with permission problem. Truss invoked on httpd process shows that it fails on .$EXTEND directory and returns this problem as generic permission problem to swiftclient user.

    Another question I have: we frequently set mountpoint on project level changing it from /export to somthing like "/export/<project_name>". This allows us to have the same share names and having same share paths (like /export/<project_name>/<share_name>). From document it looks like directory under "/export" is used as Swift account. Does this mean that using 3-level mountpoint for shares is not supported for object storage use?