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Why am I getting an "Unknown device" error

Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle
Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle Member Posts: 63 Employee
edited Jun 23, 2015 9:01PM in Oracle HSM

The error:
    Error: Unknown device:  Update /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/inquiry.conf (see inquiry.conf(4))

is seen in the device log (/var/opt/SUNWsamfs/devlog/eq where eq = the equipment ordinal).

This error indicates the device is not found in the inquiry.conf file. The /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/inquiry.conf file contains SCSI
inquiry strings for all SAM-QFS supported devices.

The "Unknown device" error may indicate the device you are using is not supported by SAM-QFS. You can find the list of SAM-QFS supported
devices here.