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SAM-QFS 4.6 Known Problems

Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle
Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle Member Posts: 63 Employee
edited Jun 23, 2015 9:02PM in Oracle HSM

The SAM-QFS 4.6 patch 04 contains a bug that can cause both import and export problems on direct attached tape libraries.

You may encounter the bug in one of the following ways:

  • The "Mailbox Full" message is displayed on an export even when export slots are available
  • An import fails when you enter the SAM-QFS import command

To confirm that you have encountered the bug, check the following:

  • All device logging is turned on in the defaults.conf file for the library (devlog = all eq, where eq is the equipment ordinal for the library)
  • Logging shows SAM-QFS sent a 37 (initialize element status with range) to a library and this command fails

The work around is to manually import/export tapes.

  1. # samd stop
  2. Open the library and manually insert/remove tapes.
  3. Close the library and let the library initialization complete.
  4. # samd start

The sam-catserverd will automatically discover the inserted/removed tapes and update the catalog accordingly.

This bug has been reported and was tracked under CR 6680812. A fix is available in SAM-QFS 4.6 patch 05.