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Support for 256 Nodes in a Shared QFS Configuration

Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle
Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle Member Posts: 63 Employee
edited Jun 24, 2015 4:26PM in Oracle HSM

Sun StorageTek QFS scalability has been enhanced with support for 256 nodes in a shared QFS configuration.

Commerical HPC users and general purpose shared file system users will benefit from the QFS scalability enhancements delivered in the current shipping Version 4.6 of the software with the release of patch 4.6-03.

Demand for HPC storage and data management is being driven primarily by the data explosion resulting from the enormous performance gains on the computation side. QFS provides the scalable storage environment required to keep up with the volume of data generated by the compute cluster. Unlike other cluster file systems, QFS provides a complete data management solution with integrated storage archive management (SAM) for long term data retention.

Sun's Commercial HPC solutions targeting mid-size Solaris clusters have a complete solution with QFS and SAM today.

The 4.6-03 software patch was released on Monday, October 12th, 2007.