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Oracle HSM 6.1 Release

Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle
Brad Blasing - Oracle-Oracle Member Posts: 63 Employee
edited Aug 10, 2022 5:45PM in Oracle HSM

Oracle HSM and StorageTek QFS 6.1 release.

Patches Available

6.1-06.  This patch was released Aug 10, 2022.  See this document for more details.  See the README.txt for a list of bugs fixed.  The minimum Solaris levels remain the same.  See 6.1-05 note below for two Solaris issues that remain for older S11.4 SRU's.  This release requires a workaround for a code-signing issue to function on S11.4.  See this document for details.

6.1-05.  This patch was released Aug 11, 2020.  See here for more details.  See the README.txt for a list of bugs fixed.  The minimum Solaris 11 version is now 11.3 (any SRU); Solaris 11 FCS thru 11.2 are no longer supported.  The minimum Solaris 11.4 version is now SRU 21.  Be aware there is a Solaris 11.4 bug that is preventing tape access from working in SRU 24-26 (fixed in SRU 27, see bug 31806585).  Also be aware there is a Solaris 11.4 bug that prevents direct attach tape libraries from working in SRU 39-41 (fixed in SRU 42, see knowledge doc 2847694.1 and bug 33573669 for more details).

6.1-04.  This patch was released July 21, 2019.  See here for more details.  The main addition for this patch is support for Solaris 11.4, newer versions of Oracle Linux, and other features and bugfixes.  Also see the document, and the README.txt file in the release for more details.  Note that the install process changes slightly.  Note that a different build of Oracle HSM is required to be installed for Solaris 11.4.  Read the install document for details.

6.1-03.  This patch was released December 22, 2017.  This patch adds as features user controlled encryption (user provided key) of data sent to the Oracle Storage Cloud (OSC), media migration to the OSC, using an HSM as a cloud tier of storage and high performance tape copy. NOTE: The original Patch 6.1-02 (released November 13, 2017) has been recalled and replaced with Patch 6.1-03 on December 22, 2017. This replacement patch is available at the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud ( 6.1-02 location.

6.1-01.  This patch was released March 3, 2017.  This patch adds as a feature, direct archiving to the Oracle Storage Cloud, for both Object and Archive Service.

Release Notes and Documentation

Locating Oracle HSM 6.1-04 and beyond on My Oracle Support (MOS)

  1. Navigate to My Oracle Support (MOS).
  2. Log in, and accept licenses.
  3. Click on the Patches & Updates tab.
  4. Within the Patch search panel, click on the Search tab.
  5. Click on Product or Family (Advanced).
  6. In the Product field, enter HSM.  Select Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) and StorageTek QFS Software from the product list.
  7. Select the Include all products in family checkbox.
  8. In the Release field, select either:  Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) or StorageTek QFS Software 6.1
  9. Click Search.
  10. Within the Patch Adavanced Search Results panel, click the link in the Patch Name column (this will be likely a number, such as 30004321).
  11. Click Download.
  12. Within the File Download pop-up, click the link for the .zip file.  Save it in a directory accessible from all hosts you are upgrading.

Locating Oracle HSM 6.1 on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (Edelivery)

  1. Navigate to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.
  2. Log in, and accept licenses.
  3. In the search box, enter "Oracle HSM" or "StorageTek QFS", and select the version.
  4. Select a version of Oracle Solaris for "Platform", and hit "Go".