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Oracle Cloud Developer Image Includes .NET Core and Ansible

The Oracle Cloud Developer Image is an Oracle Linux 7 based image that enables you to rapidly pre-install and launch a comprehensive development environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that includes the latest tools, choice of development languages, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Software Development Kits (SDKs), and database connectors. With this latest release, developers can now quickly launch the .NET Core environment, and deploy Ansible out of the box on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.   

Launched with a few clicks, the Oracle Cloud Developer Image pre-installs the .NET Core environment along with Visual Studio Code and PowerShell Core on an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance. This means developers can begin writing and debugging .NET applications using Visual Studio Code, and operators can begin automating operating environment management tasks using PowerShell within minutes.

This release of the Oracle Cloud Developer Image also includes Ansible and Ansible Modules for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Ansible allows you to automate provisioning and configuring your cloud infrastructure, deploying and updating software assets, and orchestrating complex operational processes. The Oracle Cloud Developer Image provides a library of the Ansible modules out of the box for executing common tasks and managing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.

Additionally, the rclone utility is new in this Oracle Cloud Developer Image, which enables syncing and moving files between local storage or other cloud providers and object storage on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Other components included in the Oracle Cloud Developer Image are Eclipse IDE and Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition. Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is a multilingual virtual machine that delivers high efficiency, better isolation, and greater agility for enterprises in cloud and hybrid environments. It includes polyglot support for languages such as Java, Javascript, Node.js, Python, R, Scala, Kotlin, and others.

Finally, as in every release, we’ve packaged the Oracle Cloud Developer Image with the latest updated packages for the various image components such as Oracle Linux 7, development languages, and tools.

Cloud Dev image 19.07-Final-Blog.jpg

Deploying the Oracle Cloud Developer Image on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is fast and simple by installing the image from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace with just a few clicks. From there, you can find further details and a complete list of components included in the Oracle Cloud Developer Image. Sign in to or get your free trial cloud credits by registering for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account and start developing your applications in the cloud today!

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