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Ansible with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM)

Recently I started to work with Ansible, as part of the learning curve I wanted to automate Virtual Machine creation on my Oracle Linux OLVM lab cluster. As you may know, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager is a server virtualization management platform for Oracle Linux KVM servers and based on open-source oVirt.

For this lab configuration there are the following pre-requisites:

  • Have a running Oracle Linux OLVM manager server connected to one or more Oracle Linux KVM hosts
  • Have a Linux-user configured on your OLVM manager with sudo access.
  • Have a Template imported in your OLVM cluster with Cloud-init enabled (see later)
  • Replace passwords, hostnames, IP-addresses, to your dns domain, etc, etc in below example files for your own network infrastructure


This article has been moved to the Oracle Linux product manager blog, please follow this link to the article