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gDBClone Package for Oracle Engineered Systems and Non-Engineered Systems

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gDBClone is a tool to simplify management of database test and development environments leveraging Oracle ACFS snapshots.

This feature work seamlessly for Oracle Engineered Systems (Oracle Exadata, ODA). This also works for NON-Engineered Systems.

This feature is available as a separate RPM and we have to install in the Servers. This powerful we can include either in GRID Software / RDBMS Binaries so that customers can use this feature seamlessly.

Most of the customers don't know about this feature as well as RPM.

These are features from "gDBClone"

gDBClone usage example

  1. Clone a Remote/Local (physical/standby or backup) database to ACFS(Gold/Image)

  2. Clone a Remote/Local database to ASM and make it a RAC database

  3. Clone a Multitenant database to ACFS

  4. Snapshot a gold/master database as RAC OneNode

  5. Convert a database (SI or RAC OneNode) to RAC

  6. Convert a non-CDB database to PDB of a given CDB

  7. Delete database

  8. List databases 

  9. Create an encrypted SYS password file


Case Studies

  1. Managing a test & dev environment combined with Oracle Data Guard

  2. Creating database clone using RMAN backupsets

  3. Creating database clone from Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service (OCI)

  4. Creating database clone from RMAN full backup and upgrade to 19c

  5. Clone 11g Database from ASM to ACFS keeping the source running

  6. Create a snapshot database as RAC from a running database (GOLD clone)

  7. Create a clone RAC database from a “remote” standby database

  8. Create a snapshot RAC database from a “local” standby database

  9. Clone a database from RMAN full backup to ACFS as standby Database

  10. Clone a database from OCDBS (Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service/Storage) as RAC standby Database

  11. Database upgrade using Transient Logical Standby (TLS) (manual mode)

  12. Database upgrade with limted downtime using nzdru feature (TLS automatic) (beta)

  13. Clone a database encrypted with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

  14. Using gDBClone on ODA HA,S,M,L (Enterprise Edition) 

  15. Migrate a database from OCIC to OCI using gDBClone

  16. Test & Dev Management environment example



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