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ASM Diskgroup member failed after storage san reboot

Hi All

I've question regarding diskgroup asm, i have 1 diskgroup called RECO i using normal redundancy which is i have 3 Diskgroup member for mirroring it's called RECO1,RECO2,RECO3 , i use asmlib for created the diskgroup the path is on dev/oracle/asmdisks , so yesterday i run test for fail over storage , the avtivity is reboot storage san device and when it back to online the multipath which belongs to RECO3 let's called it multipath C it's failed so i have to delete,rescan and reload the multipath C in order to online, after the mutipath C back to online the status of member diskgroup RECO become RECO1 & RECO2 only, so i decide it to alter diskgroup RECO3 in order to bring the RECO3 become member of diskgroup RECO.

So my question are:

  1. When storage san reboot it should multipath automatically online or not ?
  2. If the multipath back it online automatically does the RECO3 automatically become member of diskgroup RECO without any db administration step, or still need action from us to make RECO3 become member of diskgroup ?





  • Luís Gustavo Lira
    Luís Gustavo Lira Member Posts: 90 Bronze Badge

    Hi, please inform asm version.

    It could just be a repair time configuration, you can set the DISK_REPAIR_TIME disk group attribute to delay the drop operation.

    You need to use, Oracle ASM Fast Mirror Resync.

    To use this feature, the disk group compatibility attributes must be set to 11.1 or higher. 

    The REPAIR_TIMER column of V$ASM_DISK shows the amount of time left (in seconds) before an offline disk is dropped, the default value is 3.6h but you can change.

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