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User_WA1LX Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

Hi everyone, I am a new Oracle EBS user and lately some of my colleagues are having a series of problems with Orcle EBS. In particular, when I open a form to export the results of a request to microsoft excel or when I make a print request, a windows pop-up appears saying "The firefox file cannot be found. Check that the file name is correct, then try again ".

With a colleague we solved by reinstalling firefox with another colleague the reinstallation didn't work.

I add that we use the latest version of Java we use windows 7, microsoft Office 365 and firefox ESR. Among the firefox download settings the .tsv files are opened with firefox. Can you help me figure out what's wrong?


  • Piyush Prakash
    Piyush Prakash Member Posts: 22 Red Ribbon


    As per my personal experience I always face issue with the JRE. Oracle keeps on updating the JRE and users also need to upgrade their JREs.

    Latest JRE versions is certified as can be used JRE 1.8.

    As you mentioned you are already using the latest version, Please also check if you are using two JREs. If yes, uninstall older one and try. Add exception list if you are accessing any URL.

    Try these and let us know. @OracleUser_WA1LX

  • User_WA1LX
    User_WA1LX Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

    Hi and thanks for the reply, I verified that I only had one JRE installed. Yesterday for further testing I uninstalled the only JRE and reinstalled it again. The problem persists. The list of exceptions is already present.

    I did the same test using another browser instead of firefox. The strange thing is that using Edge, the error is the same : it says that the Chromium file cannot be found. :(

  • Piyush Prakash
    Piyush Prakash Member Posts: 22 Red Ribbon

    Try couple of other workaround:

    1. Goto Java Control Panel -> Security -> Edit Site List -> Add the url which you are using
    2. Security Level- Very High

    Browser Settings

    1. Use IE 11
    2. Goto Settings -> Compatibility -> Add the website which you are using
    3. That means hostname
    4. Save
    5. Clear Cache and retry.
    6. Open Java forms and wait for atleast 30 mins

    Let me know if resolved.