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connection problem between oracle application server 10G and oracle database 19c

Seif Eldin Hassan
Seif Eldin Hassan Member Posts: 5 Red Ribbon


After wishing you a good day , i've a situation were my client has a legacy application deployed on oracle application server 10G on windows server 2003 , the application server communicates with oracle database 10G on windows server 2003 as well .

our mission is to move the 10G database to 19C without upgrading the application server as the legacy application won't be working on any other weblogic release . anyway i managed to install the new 19C database and move the business schemas to the new database and now stuck in making communication with the new database , after some invastigations we found that the application logs aren't accurate due to code problems .

1st ) is it possible to make oracle application server communicate with the database with the huge differences between the jdbc ?

2nd ) is there a way to test the datasource connections on the oracle application server " i can't find any "

3rd ) is there any proper documentations on oracle application server as i can't find much of the server/application logs i have to rely on the errors that pop ups ?

thanks for taking time reading my problem and thanks for helping in advance



  • user12104993
    user12104993 Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

    Please try the following .

    Just insert those 3 lines in sqlnet.ora file on both sides (application server as client and RDBMS 19c as server)