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GoldenGate on MySQL: Extract Abends

Red2020 Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

Hi everyone!

I have the following environment:

  • Oracle GoldenGate 19.1
  • MySQL Version: 8.0.17

Now, after running smoothly for several hours while doing some transactions for replication, the extract process abended. So I checked ggserr.log for the logs. It indicated a log position where it tried to start but eventually abend.

2020-10-10T11:48:47.560+0700 INFO   OGG-01513 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, myextract.prm: Positioning to Log Number: 242
                                 Record Offset: 85483672.
2020-10-10T11:48:47.749+0700 INFO   OGG-01517 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, myextract.prm: Position of first record processed Log Number: 242
                                 Record Offset: 85483827, 2020 M10 8 20:52:28.
2020-10-10T11:48:47.749+0700 ERROR  OGG-00146 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, myextract.prm: Call to VAMRead returned with error status 600: VAM Client Report <CAUSE OF FAILURE : Sanity check failed while reading binlog : binlog.000242 

                             WHEN FAILED : While reading log event from binary log
                             WHERE FAILED : MySQLBinLog Reader Module
                             CONTEXT OF FAILURE : No Information Available!>.
2020-10-10T11:48:47.749+0700 ERROR  OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, myextract.prm: PROCESS ABENDING.

I decided to check this position in the binlog.000242 (85483827) and from what I checked, the binlog has a transaction for a table with a JSON column. From what I understand, JSON data types are not supported in Golden Gate for MySQL.

12.5 Non-Supported MySQL Data Types

Oracle GoldenGate for MySQL does not support the following data types:

XML, SET, all spatial types (Geometry and so on), JSON, Interval.


Extract abends if it is configured to capture from tables that contain any of the unsupported data types, so ensure that Extract is not configured to capture from tables containing columns of unsupported data types.

Now, since the table has JSON column we excluded this table in extract and data pump using TABLEEXCLUDE parameter and MAPEXCLUDE parameter in replicat.

From what I understand, since the table with JSON column has been excluded, why is Golden Gate abending at this particular position? Are we missing some details?

Please advise



  • Red2020
    Red2020 Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

    Update: We have identified the issue as Golden Gate handling of JSON columns. The reason why the extract abends is because of the 3.5MB size of JSON data being inserted to the excluded table.

    It was observed that Golden Gate proceeds when the JSON data being inserted is only a few KB.

    But if it was a big JSON data being inserted (around 3.5MB), Golden Gate crashes.

    ORASCN Member Posts: 1,868 Bronze Crown

    Yes, you are right. JSON is not support data type.

    Is it still abending after excluding that particular table from replication?



  • Red2020
    Red2020 Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon

    Hi Veera,

    Extract is not abending anymore after we applied patch  Version OGGCORE_19.

    The patch has fix in handling JSON.