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Would you install Oracle Linux in your personal laptop ?

martin75martin75 Posts: 187 Blue Ribbon
edited October 2020 in Oracle Linux

My laptop's hardware specs:

Processor : AMD Ryzen 9-4900H 
Storage 1: 512 GB NVME M.2 SSD drive 
Storage2: 500GB  Mechanical drive 
24 GB RAM 
Manufacturer : Asus 

I am kind of comfortable with Fedora distro. So, in my personal desktop PC, I have Windows 10 and Fedora 32 installed as dual boot.

I use Windows 10 only when I need to use Microsoft Office software like MS Word, Excel or Adobe products.

Now, I bought a new personal laptop with the above specs. Since I work with Oracle technologies, I am thinking of installing Oracle Linux along with Windows 10 OEM that came with my laptop. This way, I can quickly play around with an Enterprise linux distribution without needing to VPN to my workplace's servers.

My laptop has NVIDIA graphics (GTX 1660 Ti). But, I can install the official linux driver from Nvidia just like I do with Fedora or Ubuntu. So, graphics shouldn't be a problem.

Do you guys foresee any problems in installing an enterprise Linux like Oracle Linux in a personal laptop ? Especially problems that would affect video, audio, etc.



  • andreas.dijkmanandreas.dijkman Posts: 40 Blue Ribbon

    It has been stated by Oracle that Oracle Linux isn't tested or intended to be used for Desktops. It's primary use is for servers and server-tasks. So with that in mind I wouldn't install it on your laptop. Maybe inside a VM (I have a couple of them running) for testing purposes, all without GUI.

  • MaxMax Posts: 329 Bronze Badge
    edited October 2020

    Yes. Oracle Linux is an Enterprise distribution. 

    But, personally, I don't see any issue in installing Oracle LInux as one of the dual boot Operating systems in your personal desktop.

    Since you are already familiar with Fedora, working with Oracle Linux wouldn't be much of a change. 

    Plus, it is easy for you to test Oracle products like Oracle Database much easily in Oracle Linux (UEK) than Fedora/Ubuntu. For example, If I remember correctly, the extra packages needed to install Oracle Database software is not available to download and install for Fedora.

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