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Backup on Standby

Hi ,

  1. Currently we have backup Level 0 (sunday), level(Mon-saturday) + archive log running on primary.
  2. we have physical standby, but we don't have option of active standby database. Is it possible that we can shift our backup to standby from primary. will the level 0, level 1 backup works if it is taken while the MRP is running


  • Hemant K Chitale
    Hemant K Chitale Member Posts: 15,759 Blue Diamond

    The backup can be copied to the standby / DR site after it is completed. MRP on the standby database isn't concerned with the presence or absence of this backup. You could be using non-Oracle methods (scp or Netbackup etc) to copy the backup pieces from the Primary Server to the standby.

    But if you need to restore to the standby from this backup, you'd have to CATALOG START WITH because the standby controlfile isn't "aware" of the location of this backup at the standby / DR site.

    Hemant K Chitale