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GG Replicate abended with No data found --1403

user10126973 Member Posts: 154 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 28, 2020 7:50PM in GoldenGate

Hi All,

I have classic extract/replicate for data replication, Once of the replicated abended with no data found issue

when I check report file its trying update a record but the record not found , then I checked in the source with that Id the record exists in the source but not in the target.

I have scan through logdump source and target i did not found insert statement in that trail file, then I did data mine I found insert statement , Somehow GG did not capture insert statement

How to avoid this kind situation ? , Please share your thoughts if you have encountered this issue

My GG version oracle 12.3 and DB version oracle 11.2.4



Best Answer


  • user10126973
    user10126973 Member Posts: 154 Blue Ribbon

    Yes , thank you all your info

  • hafeezkalsekar
    hafeezkalsekar Member Posts: 11 Blue Ribbon

    Hi ,

    Please check databse and gg error log and report files for all extract pump and replicate for time when insert was executed .

    Please check if force logging is enabled and transactional logging is enabled

    Regards ,

    Abdul Hafeez Kalsekar