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What issues to consider when running SQL deploy package scripts in Production


I'll start a consultancy job in a financial market company that has several 24x7 Production databases. The DBA is responsible for executing the deploy package with several sql commands on Test, QA and then on Production database servers which cannot stop running because they run applications for a bank. I'd like you guys to comment on what could be the issues that can occur when executing a deployment package containing DDLs and DMLs. Is there any ahance to a DDL or DML stop the database? I believe that if I execute DDLs and DMLs (which were already executed on Test and QA environments without errors) early morning on sunday with little concurrent transactions, after turning off ETL and reports executions, the chance to face an error in the deployment is small. Please comment on any problems you may have faced during DDL and DML deployment package execution on Production database that cannot be stopped. Also, Before deployment starts, an incremental online backup will be done.

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