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How to migrate OVM Storage repository from IBM storage to Pure storage?

As part of Storage refresh, we need to migrate IBM V7k LUNs to Pure Storage. We have OVM 3.3.5 and All VMs are Oracle Linux 6.9.

As per my analysis 2 migration method we have:

  1. Host Level: Allocate Pure storage LUNs to OVM that is equal to IBM LUN repository create new repository with the new Pure LUNs and perform Live Storage migration of each VM one by one. No Downtime. Only one VM migration at a time.
  2. Storage Replication: After storage LUN replication from IBM to Pure, Allocate the replicated LUNs to OVS cluster , scan and create new repository. Shutdown the VMs and activate it from Pure repository. Here Downtime required for each VM

Note: OVS are local disk, all VMs are using SAN LUN. No NFS repo or ISCSI LUN. Pure storage model is compatible with OVS and VM.

Please suggest this two option will work perfectly. ? and which is the best option in this scenario ?

How do we migrate the LUNs that is connected directly to few of the VM ? what is the method available in Oracle Linux 6.9 ?