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store extracted information to a database

User_93BZ0 Member Posts: 6 Employee
edited Nov 10, 2020 7:28PM in WebCenter Content

Hello Guys , i have an idea of how webcenter content works , but I've never used oracle Imaging and Capture

, i want to ask if the following high level scenario is applicable

1-Scan Passport

2- extract full name from passport

3- insert the name in database

for point 1 , 2 , which product i should use ? I've seen 2 main name which are : oracle forms recognition and Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture

which application are bundled with webcenter content license and can do the OCR Job ?

for point 3 , I'm thinking of using a simple BPEL process or OIC integration , that are exposed as a webservice

and will be called and receive the extracted full name as parameter and do the database logic

is it possible to integrate and call a webservice after doing the OCR from webcenter content ?


    1. For data extraction you can use Webcenter Forms recognition which will run the rules to extract relevant information and set it as metadata for the content item.
    2. For general scanning and import of items to content server to be used as a repositoty, you can use Imaging and Process management, with it you can do a lot of other functions as well like redact, notes , sticky notes etc.

    This is just a general overview of it's functionalities.