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primavera p6 questions


I am new to Oracle. However, my business asked me to purchase and setup primavera P6 on premise. Not sure if this is the right category, but I couldn't find a better category and am hoping that a moderator will move the question if it needs ot be moved.

Anyway, I've got sql, WebLogic, java, and primavera installed. I can now sign into primavera with my admin account via the web page. I can sign into "Primavera P6" and "Primavera P6 administrator". I have a few questions about next steps...

1). I thought that there was a workstation install that I can put on the users computers. My understanding is that they will then be able to work on that client software (instead of going through the web browser) and connect to the server, keeping the databases on the server, but running the client software locally. Where do I get that software?

2). Can I setup LDAP authentication (so the user can use their active directory account) without breaking the NATIVE way that I currently sign in? I see the option in the admin page, but wanted to doublecheck that I won't lock myself out.

3). Where do I apply the license?

Anyway, I will continue to keep working through the documentation, but wanted to check in and hopefully keep myself from spending time in the wrong direction.