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Raising Support tickets


Could you please let me know the procedure to raise support ticket for any ongoing issue ? Thanks.




  • Ankur Shrivastava
    Ankur Shrivastava Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon


    Please follow the below steps to raise a support ticket.

    1.) Login to My Oracle Support.

    2.) Once the page appears, click on Service Requests tab, then Click on Technical SR

    3.) Once the next page appears, provide the relevant information and click next.

    Problem Summary: Short Description of your Issue

    Problem Description: Long Description of your Issue

    Error Codes: Leave it blank as it's not mandatory. In case you have it, please provide it

    Under Software tab:

    Product: Select the product for which you want to raise an issue (like OBIEE, Hyperion, Peoplesoft and so on...)

    Product Version: Select the Version of the product

    Problem Type: Choose the specific problem type that you think is causing the issue.

    Support Identifier: Identifier related to specific application. This is shared by client for every project.

    Once all the above details are entered, select the severity on the top right side and click next and upload any additional logs if prompted.

    Just follow the screens and choose options (which are pretty straightforward) and provide contact information at the end and click Submit.

    Once the SR is submitted, you'll be able to see the raise tickets under the Service requests tab.

    Hope your question is answered, please feel free to ask any more doubts on this.