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need help with dyn client updater for Mac OS

Client updater is not showing in menu bar. Can not configure.


  • User_545AQ
    User_545AQ Member Posts: 1

    Me too! I updated Mac Big Sur 11.1 and now it doesn't start at all. One flash at start, then seems to crash? How can we determine what's happening and will you update the mac version soon?

  • User_O626B
    User_O626B Member Posts: 2

    Tec Support has still not given me an answer, but it looks like an error in their code on startup, maybe brought about by a change in the MAC OS. I am at Catalina 10.15.7 at this time.

  • User_RMBCC
    User_RMBCC Member Posts: 1

    Exact same issue here - have had a paid DynDNS Pro account for years. Have we just been dropped without any notice now you are are migrating to Oracle Cloud?

  • User_CJZUA
    User_CJZUA Member Posts: 1

    This is a frustrating recurring problem. It appears that the OS upgrade breaks the gui, but leaves the daemon running. When you try to restart the app the running daemon prevents it from installing on the menu bar. The fix is to go into "Login Items" and you'll see the dyn updater in there (you can also see in Activity Monitor). Remove the dyn updater login item and restart. Then launch the app and it will re-install the daemon and the gui

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