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Can anybody share experience creating OEM Repository in Amazon RDS

User_W7Z5B Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 19, 2020 4:13AM in Enterprise Manager


We are attempting to build a new OEM environment in AWS and the OEM Repository in RDS to take advantage of ease of management. The main blocker though is that needs the SYS password and RDS does not provide that credential.

Does anybody have experience with the same kind of implementation and could you share? Hopefully I could find success stories, but you could also post your challenges.

Thanks in advance!



  • inkadinka
    inkadinka Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Hello User_W7Z5B

    we are also running all our Oracle Enterprise databases on AWS RDS Oracle, and would like to have the repository running in a managed RDS Oracle Instance. We gave this a try when we were using OEM 13.3, and it failed to install.

    We have migrated our OEM to 13.4 and our Repository Database is running Oracle as a CDB/PDB on an EC2 on Linux.

    We have not tried to try move the OMR to RDS Oracle in 13.4, waiting for the support of Multi-Tenant architecture on the RDS Oracle Service.

    we are interested to share experiences with all other customers using OEM on AWS to monitor and operate RDS Oracle instances.

    if you have some interest, please message me and we can get in touch.

  • inkadinka
    inkadinka Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

    Hello All,

    Some news since my last post, AWS RDS Oracle has support for Multi-Tenant Architecture with a single PDB.

    Also AWS RDS Oracle Service has also received support for OEM 13.5 Agent.

    We are planning to to upgrade to EM CC 13.5 and we wanted to try once more to put the Repository on AWS RDS Oracle Service using Multi-Tenant architecture.

    I am throwing a message in a bottle here, see if anyone has attempted to implement OEM in this way, using the AWS RDS Oracle Managed Service.

    Best Regards,

    from Norway.

  • User_6LB52
    User_6LB52 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

    Dear inkadinka,

    Did you happen test the above use case? We would like to hear the output of OMR database running in AWS RDS Oracle.