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PGA settings and sorting issues


I am trying to understand how PGA parameters set and works in my set up. During some research I came across that the PGA parameters and their setting differs each version.

Following are how my PGA and few other memory parameters are configured... can someone please make me understand how this works for my set up..

I am analyzing these as there are some sorting issues reported in my ETL batch...




  • DeepC
    DeepC Member Posts: 158 Blue Ribbon

    You are on 12c -so, you can set memory_target=nnX and leave both pga_aggregate_target and sga_target =0 to allow oracle to control the whole memory usage.

  • Hesh
    Hesh Member Posts: 635 Bronze Badge

    Thank you DeepC,

    Appreciate your response! Can you please explain a bit more on this, do you have any reference articles or docs on this?

    I am on 12.1 version , do you think this is a good setting for this version? any personal experience you can share would be helpful.



  • DeepC
    DeepC Member Posts: 158 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Hesh,

    Best is oracle documentation - check Automatic Memory Management section of 12c. We never faced any issue on 12.1 (Os - redhat Linux) -recently we moved from 12.1 to 12.2 though - some users seem faced issue on 12.1. AMM. I think, you set the value in non-prod environment first and leave it running from few weeks before promoting the changes onto production -Best is if you altogether upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2 - 12.2. much better, solved many issues plus a number of features enhanced/ enabled.