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DynDNS - Free account

User_30DCV Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 20, 2020 7:56PM in Dyn Community


I got here by following the link from DynDNS. How do I use the free version of DynDNS? I have installed the updated client, and logged into it, but cannot see a list of hosts (the hosts are empty).



  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon

    There is no free version of DynDNS, just a free trial.

  • $55/yr for 20 DDNS hosts in 2021 seems a bit steep.

    You can buy a domain from OVH for £2.50/yr then add unlimited ddns hosts in the control panel.

    Or for $55/yr you can have your own DDNS server. Get a VPS from OVH or heliohost, go to dockerhub davd/docker-ddns and follow the instructions.

    Shouldn't be charging any more than $10/yr or $1/mth IMO nowadays. Would rather have millions of 10 dollar bills than a fistful of 50s. How many IOT users would subscribe if the price was right? Not sure how oracle can justify the price, pure greed I suppose. Was just about OK paying $100/5yr when it stopped being free before the takeover and laughed in disbelief when renewal was due. Makes me wonder if the marketing director's old job was steering blockbusters to success!

    Back in the day I remember once when oracle tried to rip off a company I was working for when the oracle client software no longer worked after upgrading the PCs from 98 to XP. Oracle wanted something like £5000/seat for updated client software. I deleted the offending dll that the software was reporting as an error and crashing on, and then hey presto the old client software worked. Saved my company over 6 million and got a nice raise!