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[OEL] HDI fully disable 'kernel' updates through yum

ASGR71ASGR71 Posts: 44 Red Ribbon
edited November 2020 in Oracle Linux

Hi Guys/Ladies,

I'd like to disable yum from updating just the kernel.

Everything is nice and stable with OEL 7.8 and I don't want any updates to the kernel but update everything else.

I know I'll miss out on features and have legacy security issues but it not a production enviro.

I've added this to /etc/yum.conf:


It's had some effect as I don't see any updates through yumex but I've seen other examples that have more specific filter criteria. I'm looking for a general, all encompassing filter that will exclude all future updates.

Thanks guys, and ladies. ;-)

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  • ASGR71ASGR71 Posts: 44 Red Ribbon

    G'day Avi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Understood about recommendations but I've been having issues with the resource allocations (Soft Stack) since OEL7.1 and just need to keep the system stable for a dev environment. ;-)

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