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SQL Server on LINUX

JhilJhil Posts: 3,130 Bronze Trophy

Dear Experts,

I am handling Oracle Databases on Linux Env since 2014. Now our management asked that i have to manage SQL Server Databases as well. I am trying to install SQL Server .2017 on Oracle Linux.

Kindly someone help me to accomplish this Can i move ahead ?

Which RHEL or CentOS version will be fine for this.

Thanks in Advance.


  • Sunny kichlooSunny kichloo Posts: 2,412 Gold Trophy

    There are many official Microsoft document which will help you in this case:

    You can follow steps similar to RHEL 7 as it is the base version of Oracle Linux.


  • JhilJhil Posts: 3,130 Bronze Trophy

    Hi Sunny Kichloo

    Thanks for reply. I knew shared URL before i asked here.

    Suppose i download any RPMs from RHEL for SQL Server Installation, do i need any subscription from Redhat ?

    I am planning to test on my personal machine.

    Can we perform same SQL Server on Oracle Linux ?


  • Sunny kichlooSunny kichloo Posts: 2,412 Gold Trophy

    Yes you can try in your test servers and once it is working fine you can take final confirmation with Oracle Support team

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