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Move Oracle EPM to a new server / Change of DNS-settings

Hi guys,

first of all I want to state my versions I am using for the upcoming scenario / question / problem.

Current setup:

Oracle EPM: Version

Server: Physical

Server OS: Linux RedHat Enterprise Edition 5.7



Target setup:

Oracle EPM: Version

Server: Virtual

Server OS: Linux RedHat Enterprise Edition 7.9




- Hyperion Interactive Reporting

- SQR Production Reporting



- RaFrameworkAgent

- RaFramework

- FoundationServices

- EPMServer

I am currently trying to move our EPM-components (Hyperion Interactive Reporting and SQR Production Reporting) from one physical server (DNS_OLD) to a virtual server / VM (DNS_NEW) and also I am trying to update the regarding operating system / OS.

Therefore I did the following:

1. Shut down all EPM-services on DNS_OLD

2. Take a snapshot of the repository database (EPM_REPOSITORY_OLD) and put it into a new one (EPM_REPOSITORY_NEW)

3. Create an ISO-file of some important file-structures (/opt/oracle) of DNS_OLD

4. Mounted the ISO-file of DNS_OLD to DNS_NEW

5. Changed the EPM-"hostname"-property of DNS_NEW on new VM: updatehost DNS_OLD DNS_NEW

6. Run ./ on new VM (/opt/oracle/app/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin) and reconfigured all needed services / components:

7. Made some fixes regarding the EPM-registry regarding the property "localhost_name" on new VM: updateproperty \#IDENTIFIER/@localhost_name DNS_NEW

8. Updated the files "ssl.conf", "httpd.conf" and "mod_wl_ohs.conf" in regards of the DNS (DNS_OLD was replaced by DNS_NEW)

9. Run ./ (/opt/oracle/app/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin) with the following output:

Somehow only two services (OHS and RaFrameworkAgent) are only starting and I can not figure out, why the rest (RaFramework, FoundationServices and EPMServer) are not showing up successfully.

I was also trying to follow the thread of the Oracle community - which is of course in regards of Oracle Essbase, but quite similar:

The connection to EPM_REPOSITORY_NEW works fine and I have also successfully tested the product "SQR Production Reporting". Therefore my only trouble is in regards of the functionality of "Hyperion Interactive Reporting".

The functionality of Hyperion Interactive Reporting on Linux RedHat Enterprise Edition 7.9 has also been successfully tested in prior on a different VM.

Maybe some of you guys could point me out to some suggestions / or log-files?

Best regards and thanks in advance



  • Madhusudhan. M
    Madhusudhan. M Business Analyst Member Posts: 1,904 Silver Trophy


    I did installation on these components long back, didn't remember of exact steps.

    But my doubt is, why EPMServer, and Foundation Service both mentioned here? Did you configured them with 9000 port or individual ports?

    Check the below link which is about web client, not exactly same issue, but quite similar discussion it seems.



  • Carsten Weber
    Carsten Weber Member Posts: 63 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Mady,

    Thanks very much for your comment! Unfortunately, the link provided by you has nothing to do with my problem.

    Nevertheless, I was able to get all required services running now:


    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.24.52 PM ) THREADS [4 num] Used

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.24.57 PM ) Pass [T=3] [000 min 05 sec] Starting OHS

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.25.49 PM ) Pass [T=3] [000 min 50 sec] Starting RaFrameworkAgent

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.26.47 PM ) Pass [T=4] [001 min 50 sec] Starting RaFramework

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.31.12 PM ) Pass [T=2] [006 min 15 sec] Starting FoundationServices

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.31.17 PM ) Pass [T=1] [006 min 20 sec] Starting EPMServer

    ( Dez 10, 2020 12.31.20 PM ) Pass [T=4] [006 min 28 sec] Total


    Total time: 6 minutes 28 seconds

    The problem actually seemed to be a wrong DNS-entry within "/opt/oracle/app/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/config/config.xml".

    Best regards


  • Madhusudhan. M
    Madhusudhan. M Business Analyst Member Posts: 1,904 Silver Trophy

    oh great..!!

    Thanks for letting me know about solution.



  • Madhusudhan. M
    Madhusudhan. M Business Analyst Member Posts: 1,904 Silver Trophy

    Please close the thread if issue is resolved.