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Goldengate database migration

cptkirksh Member Posts: 86 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 4, 2020 5:02PM in GoldenGate

We are getting a new exadata and are looking to migrate our DBs from Oracle 18c to 19c. Some of the DBs on our 18c environment have just a few schemas while one in particular has 300. I have read about how after GG 12.2 I can utilize ADD SCHEMATRANDATA "Schema" on source and DBOPTIONS ENABLE_INSTANTIATION_FILTERING on the replicat to really integrate Oracle Data Pump in the whole migration process. This sounds like it would work great for those DBs that only have a small number of schemas. Is it best practice in a DB with a large number of schemas to skip the ADD SCHEMATRANDATA and the DBOPTIONS ENABLE_INSTANTIATION_FILTERING and just capture the SCN after export and start the replicat with that SCN? Thanks in advance.

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