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Which RAID is available for OVM INSTALLATION on X8-2L With Full FLASH NVME SSD DISK?

loumonvi Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

Hello Team

We need to order this config.

Server X8-2L with FULL NVME SSD DISK ( 2x One 480 GB M.2 SATA SSD + 10 x One 6.4 TB 2.5-inch NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD v2 with coral-d bracket) . OVM will be used to virtualize those this server.

Which type of raid for data security is available ?

For exemple In option FULL SAS disk there is Oracle Storage 12 Gb SAS PCIe RAID HBA, internal: 16 port and 2 GB memory available to build raid1,5,10, 6,…

But in FULL NVME SSD DISK with OVM SERVER as OS to virtualize, what card or solution to Setup RAID6 for

10 x NVME SSD please?


Best regards

Muhammad Owais Hyderedward onyango