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oracle linux and using rear to migrate/upgrade

pyroninapyronina Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi - I have made a rear backup of a compute node (OL7.8) and need to move it over to another isolated network, and upgrade some nodes over there. I need to update the IP address to that of the NFS server (of the isolated network) machine (that is hosting the rear backup.tar.gz file) so that upon issuing "rear recover", it will make the network connection and restore the node. Where is the IP going to be, and how do I change it? Or is this even possible?


  • Avi Miller-OracleAvi Miller-Oracle Senior Manager, Oracle Linux and Virtualization Product Management Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 4,656 Employee

    That depends on how the source node's static addressing is currently configured. I recommend reviewing the Oracle Linux 7 Networking Guide to determine how the source system is configured and thus how to reconfigure the target system after restore.

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