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Running Oracle Linux Clusterware with standalone Oracle database

JasonOJasonO Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

Hi all, currently I'm in the midst of planning an upgrade for my old Oracle database to a new server. Due to the application limitation, I'm only able to upgrade the Oracle version to 11gR2( from Oracle 10gR2.

Currently the database server is running as below

RHEL 5, Veritas high availability clusterware & Oracle 10gR2.

There's no database level clustering, only OS level clustering manage by Veritas.

Since we're getting a new server I'm thinking to move out from RHEL and install Oracle Linux 7 to it as this is the maximum version 11gR2 can support.

For clusterware, can I also move out from Veritas and use Oracle Linux Clusterware for clustering purposes? Will the cluster able to failover and start my databases?

My reason is simple, I would want to have a single point of contact for my software. Thus by going all into Oracle, I'll get faster response in term of support.


  • Avi Miller-OracleAvi Miller-Oracle Senior Manager, Oracle Linux and Virtualization Product Management Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 4,656 Employee

    My understanding is that Oracle does not officially support Oracle Clusterware as an HA solution for Oracle Database in single instance mode. Instead, Oracle recommends using RAC One Node.

    However, you've asked this question in the Oracle Linux community and we can't answer it officially. I recommend asking in the Oracle Database community instead.

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