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Inv in subs vs Equity - Elimination

Luli18 Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 11, 2020 2:51PM in Financial Consolidation

Hi guys,

We have this situation.

Client needs to eliminate the equity against inv in subs account in holding. While the Inv in subs account is registered in ERP by ICP (in the holding) and was loaded through FDMEE, they do not have the equity accounts by ICP. And since they have done this process by Excel, they just add all the equity accounts and compare with the account in investment in subs, and do the elimination.

We're thinking in doing a rule to eliminate the equity in subs against the invs in subs in holding, but we'd like to get some other opinions about how to do this (and they do not want to add IC partners or reclassify from ICP None to the proper ICP). Have you done this in the past? Do you use the plug account or an auxiliary account?




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