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Rotating Weblogic access logs "by Time"

User_3AUUKUser_3AUUK Posts: 9 Green Ribbon
edited December 2020 in WebLogic

Hi All,

We're trying to make the WebLogic access log rotate on a per-day basis, i.e. "By Time" instead of "By Size".

​Tried following in Weblogic console -> Server -> logging -> http

Changed Rotation Type to “By Time”

Set Begin rotation time as “00:00” --> default

Set Rotation Interval as 24 hrs  --> default

Unchecked Rotate log file on startup

But I don't see any log rotation happening to date.  Can you please suggest what could have gone wrong?

Also, I see a note in WL documentations .. "Note that WebLogic Server sets a threshold size limit of 500 MB before it forces a hard rotation to prevent excessive log file growth."

Does it have any relation with the "By Time" log rotation?

Weblogic version: 12.1.3.

Thanks in Advance!


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