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New x8-2

streas Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon


New server with 2 x dual 32 Qlogic HBA, I have went into the BIOS and enabled the HBA Adapter driver, selective login, selective lun login. Rebooted and I still do not see the HBA in Boot tab. I tried setting legacy in the HBA boot settings and it made no difference. I took a not of both WWPN, went to my Cisco 9148 and saw them logged in okay and was able to create the zones, I went to my IBM 9150 and did not see them logged in but manually created a host object.

I rebooted and attached the OVS server installation media, booted, and saw the lun and was able to install the OS. Rebooted and still in the BIOS I do not see the HBA under the boot tab, and if I go to the HBA WWN database I do not see the LUN.

So I know it is connected as I could install the OS, but what am I missing. There is no longer the ctl-q to get into the Qlogic utility on the x8-2, so when I access the bios the server logs into the switches but never logs into the storage. What am I missing here?




  • Nik
    Nik Blocked Member Posts: 2,879 Bronze Crown


    BIOS level of HBA required only you have plan boot from SAN. In case you not require it - leave it.

    Boot OS and check:

    Is FC link present ? ( expect - yes). If no - check HBA drivers.

    more /sys/class/fc_host/*/port_state

    Check that you can see ports of HBA on switch. You are write that you already create zones - OK.

    Do you have mapped LUN for this server on storage ?

    You can check what other FC port can see Your server

     more /sys/class/fc_remote_ports/*/port_name

     more /sys/class/fc_remote_ports/*/node_name

    For check what other FC device availalable on specific FC port:

     more /sys/class/fc_host/host*/device/rport-*/fc_remote_ports/rport-*/port_name