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RMAN refresh from prod to test database.

Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon

Hi Oracle experts,

This is an interview question.

User is unable to connect to the test database after RMAN refresh from prod database.

What could be the issue and fix.

Oracle -- 11g,12c

OS -- Linux

Env -- Prod and Test.




  • EdStevens-OC
    EdStevens-OC Member Posts: 55 Silver Trophy

    The first step is to know the actual error. "unable to connect" tells us nothing useful. Until we know the actual error message there is nothing else we can do.

  • Balajidba
    Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon

    Next time when the panel ask me such question, will ask him the error message. Thank you.



  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown
    edited Dec 17, 2020 3:00PM

    Balaji -

    Your posting history shows a lot of "interview" questions. Don't treat an interview like a multi[pe-choice exam. Don't think that every question as a single 'correct' answer.Treat it like an open discussion. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification. Don't be afraid to explain why you are asking for clarification.

    When I have been in the role of interviewer, I often ask questions for which there is no 'correct' answer. The intent is to see how the candidate responds. To see how the candidate approaches problems. Sometimes I even ask questions that are based on a fallacy, to see 1) if the candidate has the overall understanding to spot the fallacy, and 2) to see if the candidate has the confidence to push back. I will ask vague questions specifically to see if the candidate will try to bluff his way through or if he will ask for clarifying specifics. I am far more impressed by evidence of curiosity and an analytical mind than I am a bunch of memorized, rote answers.

    On the other end, on my last job interview (nearly nine years ago, for my current job) I was presented with a written, multiple choice exam. I had no qualms about making marginal notes explaining fallacious, vague, or misleading questions. or supplying are more correct/complete answer when none of the multiple-choice answers was sufficient. Obviously I got the job.

  • Balajidba
    Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon


    Thank you very much for your suggestions.Will try ask such questions from next time.