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Improve RMAN backup performance

Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon

Hi Oracle Experts,

Could you please tell me how to improve the backup performance other than allocating channels.

Oracle -- 12c.

OS -- Linux

Env -- Prod




  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,778 Gold Crown

    Sounds like another interview question.

    What did you discover when you googled 'how to improve rman backup performance'?

  • Balajidba
    Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon

    I found the below suggestions from Google.

    Step 1: Remove the RATE Parameter from Channel Settings.

    Step 2: If You Use Synchronous Disk I/O, Set DBWR_IO_SLAVES.

    Step 3: If You Fail to Allocate Shared Memory, Set LARGE_POOL_SIZE.

    Step 4: Tune the Read, Write, and Copy Phases.



  • EdStevens-OC
    EdStevens-OC Member Posts: 55 Silver Trophy

    And what did you learn when you followed up on each of those points? Exactly what they mean, how to implement, and why they might - or might not - be the proper solution. These are all things you can research for yourself, staring with the relevant oracle documentation.

    You still appear to be looking for spoon-fed answers to interview questions.

  • Balajidba
    Balajidba Member Posts: 505 Blue Ribbon

    No, these are not spoon feeding answers for me as these are all high level questions for me.

    I have to learn more on these by researching from google.