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What is the equivalent of CentOS's "HighAvailability" repo

I am currently trying to migrate a pacemaker cluster from CentOS8 to OL8. In this cluster I use a server running qdevice for quorum purposes. On CentOS this functionality is provided by corosync-qnetd and corosync-qdevice packages which come from e.g. url_to_mirror/centos/8/HighAvailability (it seems I can't post actual links, yet).

What is the equivalent for this on Oracle Linux 8? When I just install corosync and pacemaker and run

# pcs qdevice setup model net --enable --start

I get

Error: unable to run command /usr/bin/corosync-qnetd-certutil -i: No such file or directory: '/usr/bin/corosync-qnetd-certutil'

"yum whatprovides" does not return any package that includes corosync-qnetd-certutil.

Thank you in advance




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