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EOM API usage for old call searches

xgonzalezxgonzalez Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

Hello all,

I'm newbie working on EOM API tool and I have some doubts and Community may help.

Would it be possible to tune the output size on a getpagedcalls request? How could I be sure to recover all the records using this invocation to get information about calls terminated on a given period of time. Let's say recover 'all Terminated calls on the last week'.

On the other hand, EOM server we are working with stores information of calls older than a year; could anyone advice on the best practice to recover Terminated calls over a such big amount of time? Which should be the proper way to split the request? Could we combine this request with a filter on call source or call destination?

Thank you very much in advance. And let me know whether this discussion should be moved to a given channel.


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