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Firmware for old SunFire servers and HBAs?

Hey all.

We've got some OOOOOOOLD SunFire servers (X4140, X4440, X4250, X4270) with some old HBA RAID cards, and I was wondering if there was any way I might be able to get the latest BIOSes and HBA firmwares for these devices?


  • Nik
    Nik Member Posts: 2,732 Bronze Crown


    Official way (but impossible) - buy support for this servers.

    You can download FW from

    Only for system that have support contract you can download patches of FW from portal

    Unofficial way: ask college that have support or dark-internet.

    Oracle prohibit redistribute patches or FW.

    Alternate way: most part of cards is rebranded by Oracle. So you can try detect original manufacture and find FW from him.



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