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Cannot view network drive while in Hyperion SQR Reporting - SQR errors

AnnieM Member Posts: 58 Red Ribbon

Happy 2021!

After my employer performed a network ID conversion, I can no longer run SQRs while within Hyperion SQR Production Reporting

I need to access SQR by selecting "Run As Administrator" (for background on why please see

I receive an error that SQR cannot find a file that is on my L (personal network) drive, as are all files related to running SQRs:

  • (SQR 4713) Cannot open the #INCLUDE file: 'syuschdp.ins'
  • (2): No such file or directory


The referenced file in the error message is and has been located there.


In File Manager, I can see the drive:

But when I access SQR as Administrator and select "File" -> "Open" I cannot view the "L" drive (which is why I infer I am receiving the errors referenced below):

If I access SQR without using the "Run As Administrator" I do see the L drive; however, again, I receive errors referenced on the link I gave before so need to run as admin.

This issue is not limited to SQR. For a test, I ran another software as Administrator (just for testing purposes) and experienced the same issue with the software not "seeing" my L drive when I selected "File" -> "Open"

Does anyone know why when this issue is occurring?

I am also working with our Help Desk but thus far a resolution has not been found.

I am hoping someone might recognize the issue.

My environment is:

·            Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1

·            64 bi operating system

·            Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi

Thank you so much! And wishing you all the best this coming new year!


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