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Download files from fusion HCM by python

I used the SOAP request by specifying the UCM ID in bodyID dDocId fields. The request reports error, unable to download file.

I am not finding documentation for a REST API download.

Bit of code info is as below.

body_ID="""<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ucm="">
    <ucm:GenericRequest webKey="cs">
        <ucm:Service IdcService="GET_FILE">
                <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
                <ucm:Field name="dID">{docID}</ucm:Field>




  • User_8CHJX
    User_8CHJX Member Posts: 3

    So dID on wsdl has been set as an integer. The UCM* value is actually the docname and the doctitle would be the filename. The dID value would have to be extracted by GET_SEARCH_RESULTS by DocName. Likewise GET_SEARCH_RESULTS for automated tag search.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to get this done by python, not seeing a lot on HCM python integration.

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