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start and stop EBS 12.2.9 services with 19c RAC


I need how to start and stop EBS 12.2.9 services with two apps nodes and two 19c RAC database nodes with ASM.

Could you help me on that please?


  • User_25659
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    edited Jan 13, 2021 8:41AM

    After a bit of search, i will be the one answering my own question.

    on an multi-node apps tier environment, passwordless ssh configuration should be performed between apps nodes.

    After that you can stop and start application services from primary node(Usually the one which has OHS service).

    su - applmgr
    $ -mode=allnodes
    $ -mode=allnodes
    To stop 19c RAC database:
    $ su - oracle
    $ srvctl stop database -d db_sid -o immediate