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ctx_doc_markup with mutli_column_datastore problem

Paul (MITsa)
Paul (MITsa) Member Posts: 444 Bronze Badge


We have created a multi column text index on our table :

exec ctx_ddl.create_preference('alexer', 'AUTO_LEXER'

exec ctx_ddl.set_attribute('alexer', 'BASE_LETTER', 'YES');

exec ctx_ddl.create_preference('table_pref', 'MULTI_COLUMN_DATASTORE');

exec ctx_ddl.set_attribute('table_pref','COLUMNS','ID,DESIGNATION,COMMENT_ADJUST');

create index TIND1 on ATABLE(TEXT_IND_COL) indextype is ctxsys.context

parameters ('DATASTORE TABLE_PREF LEXER alexer SYNC(on commit)');

We are now trying to use the ctx_doc.markup package to make a marked up document.

   ctx_doc.markup (index_name => indexName,

            textkey  => keyVal,

           text_query => textToSearch,

            restab   => vclob,

            tagset   => 'HTML_DEFAULT');

The problem we have is that the markup is also marking the automatically added tags as well as the text 

ex. For a row in the table where the column

ID = 'id value'

DESIGNATION = 'desig value'

COMMENT_ADJUST = 'Adjust value'

running a query with contains 'AD%' results in the COMMENT_ADJUST tag being marked up as well as its value. The result from the ctx_doc.markup is :


id value



desig value



<B>Ad</B>just value


Is there a way to not mark up the automatically added tags ?

(Oracle Database 12c ,