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standby database incarnations

User_UAEUZ Member Posts: 188 Blue Ribbon

hi all

incarnation 1 - flashback on / archivelog on standby database

T1) generated flashback logs

T2) generated archive logs

T3) alter database activate standby database;

incarnation 2 - flashback on / archivelog on primary ( ex-standby ) database

T4) generated flashback logs

T5) generated archive logs

T6) flashback database to_timestamp sysdate-1

T7) apply archive gap / mrp as usual

incarnation 2 became orphaned in v$database_incarnations


q1) how do we delete

i) orphan incarnation in controlfile

ii) orphan archivelogs in T5

iii) orphan flashback logs in T4

that belongs to incarnation 2


q2) are flashback logs / archivelogs from incarnation1 generated at T1 and T2 still usable after T7 ?


q3) anyway to flash "forward" back to incarnation 2 after flashing back to incarnation 1 ?

thank you