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OIA Chat service - Issue while rendering 'Value list' of OIA in ODA

Hi Team,

We are trying to use the 'Chat Service' channel for one of the Policy model deployed on the OIA hub, and trying to render OIA Interview questions in the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Chat bot.

Some of input fields from the Policy model are asked as expected in the Chat bot, but we are facing issue for an input attribute in OIA which is designed as Drop down (using value list).

Only the value list of data type "Text" is asked correctly (refer Snap1.png), but it doesn't support the data type 'Number' (refer Snap2.png).

Please refer the attached snapshot of the same.

Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,



  • Phil Whitwell-Oracle
    Phil Whitwell-Oracle Member Posts: 42 Employee


    looks like you are using the popular custom component for the skill in ODA. You can modify the custom component to fix this issue or you can wait until 20.10 is released then ODA will have a system component to render OIA Interviews.



    Vidya Jade
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