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How to set aggregation level to Average for a cross section in Planning

User_CA13T Member Posts: 32 Employee
edited Jan 11, 2021 2:43PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting

Hi All,There is a member in ACCOUNT dimension - "WT Avg Contract Monthly Fee"

There is a MARKET dimension which has MARKET(parent)->"WT Total Region"->"WT Total->"WT West","WT East","WT North","WT South"I need to bring in a cross section of data in a form wherein I need to display Average value of "WT Avg Contract Monthly Fee" at the "WT Total" level instead of sum.How to set the aggregation method as Average ?

In simple terms, if the value of "WT Avg Contract Monthly Fee" is 4 for each of the regions "WT West","WT East","WT North","WT South" at the "WT Total" level it should show 4 instead of 16.

Any inputs on how this be achieved ?

Thanks !